Email marketing

What is Email Marketing and how it Works

Email marketing simply means marketing your products or services using email or through email. That is, to show him in the market email marketing is an online / digital marketing.
Email marketing is one such process. Through which we get information about our products and services through email. Email marketing is a form of digital marketing.

Suppose you are a hosting company. And you have Emails address of many customer. You have to give your customers any new offers, new updates about hosting. Or there is some new feature added to your company. So you send a single email to many customers at once.

This is called email marketing. So that you do not face much trouble, in a single click, all the customer gets to know about your updates. And you also get traffic through email. Similarly, online shopping company also does its marketing. flipkart, snapdeal, amazon, ebay etc ..

Here it is, let’s talk about a hosting company, let’s take an example of blogger. If you are a blogger. Suppose if there is a blogger. Which has got many people email addresses. If that blogger whenever he publishes a new blog post on his blog and sends his link via email to all those people, then a lot of traffic can come to his blog.


You must have seen on many blogs that they encourage you to subscibe by filling your email address. Skip the rest of the blogs, you can see on the Pixarcode that we have a box set separately on our blog. In which you can subscibe us by entering email address.

We do not do all this work ourselves, but the email marketing tool we are using. He himself works automatically. All these things are done by their system. This helps us bloggers a lot. And within a short time the information of new posts reaches our visitors.

Email marketing is also used for many different tasks. facebook, twitter, google plus etc. Updates to the notification of every activity that happens in it comes on your email. Such as login, likes, Tag, Share, Follow, such notifications come on your email. You can guess Key Email Marketing is used for many purposes.

Apart from this, email marketing can be used in many other ways. For example, an affiliate can use email marketing to promote their products. If you have an eCommerce website. So he can use it to increase the engagement of his customers.

Email marketing is also used to provide different types of notifications. Like you keep getting updates from your Facebook account on your email. These are all examples of email marketing. This way you can estimate how much email marketing is needed for any business.

What is the purpose behind marketing our email?

Informational, research work or Promotional. Most email marketing is used for promotional purposes only. Its use in blogging is informational or promotional only.

So first you have to build the email list. Now there are big ways which is the best way. That email list has to be built naturally. Use the email subscription box on your blog or website. With this you can change the traffic of your blog in the email list.

Once you have a good email list, then you can try to achieve success in email marketing.

Now it comes to what to send to the subscribers and when to send them. There are many premium tools that can help you in this aspect. As the trend of email marketing continues to grow. Many email marketing tools have also come into existence. You can easily manage your email marketing campaigns by using these tools.

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