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Google Adsens

What is Google Ad sense. How it works

What is Google Adsense. How it works If you are new in the world of internet, then this question must also have come in your mind. Today we are going to tell you about this in detail. Which will make you understand better. People who have been working on the Internet for a long time. Google Adsense is not new to them.

But many people do not know about it. But people who make a new website on the internet. Or you want to earn money by creating a new channel on Youtube. But earning money online is not a big deal. Everyone can earn money from Internet. But for that you have to be hardworking. They have not put internet and their income will be started by creating a blog or website. No one has got anything without hard work. No more will be available. You always have to be serious about your work.

So it is very important to know about it. Because even if you create a website or YouTube channel. So all of them are incomplete without it. And there is hardly anyone who does not want to make money from their website or from Youtube. So if you want to earn money from the internet, then you should also know about this network. Because this network will help you a lot in earning money from internet.

As the name suggests

As the name suggests. That it is a Google product. One who works between the advertiser and the publisher (publisher).
Google started it in 2003 by purchasing it from Applied Semantics Company. Since then, the network has emerged as the world’s largest advertising provider. When you visit any website. Then you will see ads displayed by Google in that website.

When you click on these ads. So it gets money from Google Adsense. Google retains some part of it. While some part is given to the owner of the website This is the best thing about it. That it does not charge money to place ads in a website.

You can get your website advertised with it for free. However, Google adverts your website if certain conditions are followed. For example, the content available on the website like images, videos and any type of information should not be copied from anyone. Simply put, Google Adsense is a network that offers an opportunity to earn money by placing advertisements in a website or YouTube channel.

How Google Adsense Works

This is the biggest benefit of Google Adsense. That you can make money from your blog using it. When a Visitor clicks on the ads it has placed on your blog. So you get money. The second biggest advantage is its ease.

Getting Google Adsense Approval is a difficult task for the first time. But once approved, if you follow its rules. So you will not have any problem. It is a benefit to have a Contextual Ad Network. Contextual Ad Network means. That it only applies ads related to Niche / Field of your blog.

For example, on a blog related to Car Reviews, Google Adsense will only apply ads related to cars like Car Loan Ad, Car’s Ad, Tire’s Ad etc. This increases the chances of these ads getting clicked. And by increasing Clicks, your income increases. It also uses another method to show ads. Which is called the Cookie Method. In the Cookie Method, it shows ads based on the search history of Visitor. This method also greatly increases the chances of getting clicked.

Impressions: It pays according to the number of times your ads are seen every day. You can assume that it gives $ 1 for every 1000 views.

Clicks: It depends how many clicks on your ads. Once you have account approve in Ad sense, then you can look at the ads according to yourself and also decide where it will appear on your blog.
When visitors come to your blog and see ads and clicks in it, then your earnings will increase. Once it becomes $ 100, you can transfer it through check or direct to your bank account.

How to add your Bank Account in Google Adsense?

To add your Bank Account to Google Adsense, follow the following steps-
Sign in Adsense Account
Click on Gear Icon
Select Payments option
Now click on the Payment Setting option located in the Side Bar.
Go to Available Forms of Payment section
Click on Add New Bank Account option here
Fill in your details and click on Proceed Button
Check your Bank Account Details again
Your Bank Account will be added

Apart from this, the biggest advantage of Google Adsense is that it pays you Direct in your bank account.

Google Adwords

What is Google Ad words and how does it work? If you want your business, services, etc. to reach as many people as possible. So you first need to advertise the business or services. Now there are many ways to advertise.