Google Adwords

Google Adwords

What is Google Ad words and how does it work?

If you want your business, services, etc. to reach as many people as possible. So you first need to advertise the business or services. Now there are many ways to advertise. Such as Newspaper, Advertising on TV, Loudspeaker and the most powerful Internet etc.

Today, 87% of the people spend the most time on the Internet. Because of which advertising on the Internet is most profitable. And you can easily show the people of any place of the world the advertisement of products or services of your business from home.

What is Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an online advertising service. Through this, bloggers can reach the people of their product or service. And you can advertise your business.
With the help of this, you can show the advertisement of your website. In Google AdWords, we use Keyword. With the help of which our Ads can reach people.

When you connect the website to Google AdWords. And after that when someone searches for information related to your website, Google shows your site’s ads on the right side on your website. This helps your site increase traffic.

How to use Google AdWords.

You must know that Blogger promotes its website through Google AdWords.

Seo means Search engine optimization means to rank free on Google by writing acha content on your website and creating a backlink which takes time. Adwords ”is an online advertising service of Google, where advertisers pay money. And Google advertise their business to the right logo.

The special thing about AdWords is this. You only have to pay the money. When the visitor takes an action on your business ad. It impacts.
Like when one clicks on the website or calls.

You can advertise your business through Google with the desired budget. Another is advertising means spending your money on Google to show up on Google.
In this case, if you sell something on your website. Advertising is the fastest way to bring traffic to it.

Whenever a user does some search on Google using the Keyword related to your Ads. So Google on its discovered website, which has been opened by the user. Show advertiser’s ads on them. And if someone clicks on those ads. And when the advertiser comes to the website, he has to pay money to Google.

How to create a Google Ads Account?

When you create an account on Google AdWords, you get a Promotional Code. By applying which, if you show an advertisement of Rs- 500, Google Ads gives you Rs2000 free.

With which you can advertise your Rs 2000 free.
To get Rs 2000 for free, you have to create a new account in Google Ads. For this, you have to follow the following steps.

Step # 1. You have to search in Google by writing Google Ads. Where you have to click on the first Google Ads link in search of Google Ads.
Step # 2. Now on the next page, the email from which you have to create an account. Enter that email address and click on Get Offer Code.

Steps # 3 – Now on the next page you will find written thanks for submitting your details, below that you have to click on Start advertising.

Step4 #. Now you have to choose that your account is individual. Or you are creating this account for business.

Step # 5. Now you have to advertise your website or Youtube channel or whatever business. He has to enter Adress (URL). And click on Continue.

Step # 6. Now you have to sign in with your Google Account.

After signing in with Google Account, your Google Ads Account will be created and a Promotional Code of Rs 2000 will also be applied successfully in your account.

Now you have to advertise Rs 500, after which Rs 2000 will come in your account, using which you will be able to easily advertise Rs 2000 for free.

Google analytics

Google Analytics

What is Google Analytic and what are the benefits of Analytics? Whenever we use something, we first see its benefit. As long as we do not see any benefit of anything. So we do not use that thing.