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Google analytics

What is Google Analytic and what are the benefits of Analytics?

Whenever we use something, we first see its benefit. As long as we do not see any benefit of anything. So we do not use that thing. Analytics has many benefits. So let’s see. Which are the benefits?

Google Analytics – When you publish an article or product on your blog or website, then you have a desire to know it. That visitor is visiting it. Not if you are doing it. So which topic or article or product they are liking more, how long they are staying on your blog or website. We also want to know many information related to visitor.

We can get all these information through Google Analytics tool. But for this, we have to understand this tool first, what is it?

What is Google Analytic

which post people are searching more and liking. And we get all the information related to visitor through this tool. With the help of this tool, we can also learn other things. For example, traffic is coming from which city or country. How much traffic came in which post, in which month, how long is the visitor visiting which post. Visitors are viewing your post on mobile, tablet or laptop. Information about this is also available.

Why is Google Analytics Important? (Google Analytics Importance) –

This is why Google Analytics is important. Because when we create a blog or website. So think of earning money online through him. But this can only happen. When we are aware of how much people are liking the information given by us. And how long are you staying on the visitor site. Because when we are aware of this, then we will put the topic as per the choice of the people. With which traffic will come on our blog or website and our earning will increase.

How to create Google Analytics account.

Creating Google Analytics account is very simple, for this we have to follow some steps which are as follows.

Open the official website of Google Analytics.
After that sign in with google account.
Now you have to signup with your gmail id.
After signup, a web page will open, filling all the information given in it.
After filling all the information, click on the get tracking id.
Now assuming all the terms of Google Analytics, click on I Accept.
After this you will get analytics code.
After this you have to download a plugin in the dashboard of your website. Whose name is Google Analytics.
Copy and paste this code into your Google Analytics.
In this way your Google Analytics account will be created.

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