Website Designer

What is Web Designer ? and why is it Impotent

Today the technology we are going to talk about. This technology is growing very fast and demand for it is also everywhere. Now it seems like it is necessary for everyone. Although it has become common now. But some people are still deprived of it. A website is a digital platform where we can keep all our information safe in one place. But in today’s Internet age, if you do not have an online identity.

Then you might not know anyone. In such a situation, because of having a website, it works for you to create an online identity. You can create a brand of your own according to your own. And you can promote it through a website or blog.

This means that if your business is not on the Internet, then your business is not business. Nowadays every company has its own website where it reaches all the information of its company to the customers. Whether your business is small or big, till the information of the product reaches the people, how will people know about your product?

why is it Impotent

Website is a simple and inexpensive way. That we should make any kind of information available to us. Now-a-days the usage of website everywhere has made things quite simple. As a business owner, having a Modern website is really critical. Like,, , and many of your web site names will be heard. Etc.

It is also called domain address. The website that is created is called a web developer. High level language is used to create it like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and SQL, MySQL, Oracle are used to protect its data. A website is made in several phases. If you want to stay ahead of your rivals. Or want to stand out from the crowd. So you should also make your own website a separate identity.

Web Hosting

Just as you need a shop space to store your products, similarly your business website needs a web hosting service to be displayed online.
Web hosting works to give space to the entire website on the Internet. Internet is also a world. Where millions of people visit daily and who have their own website, then you understand that that website is their shop on the Internet.

Suppose you do a business. And whatever goods or merchandise you have of your business. A shop or store is required to keep it. Likewise whatever material you keep on your website. Such as Video, Photo or Text Article requires a storage to keep them all on the Internet. For this, we have to buy a space on the Internet. For which you will have to pay. The place where we can secure the data of our website is called web hosting. Web Hosting provides us with a lot of companies. Such as Godaddy, Hostgetor, Bluehost, etc.

Domain name

A domain name is the name of your website. A domain name is the address where Internet users can access your web site. Like our web site name is known as This is the name of our web site.
Like you would know that every website has an IP address. It accesses that web site through address.
Which is very important for your website to have a domain name. Due to which our website gets recognition and name. Which we call domain address.

Examples –,, would have heard many such names. Which is called a domain address. The format of the IP address is something like this: which is very difficult to remember. Just think what would have happened if you had to remember a lot of these numbers to visit your favorite website? The domain name was created to deal with this problem so that we do not have to remember these complex numbers. Now if you have to visit a website, then there is no need to enter an IP address, you can directly access the website by entering the domain name.
If you want to stay ahead of your rivals. Or want to stand out from the crowd. So you should also make your own website a separate identity.

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